MindKits 3D and Ultimaker Case Studies

Fast and risk-free product design

Making up to 100 iterations per product, Bhold has significantly minimized the risks, shortened the time to market and reduced prototyping costs associated with new product design. In addition, 3D printing opened a whole new world of complex and beautiful geometries that were impossible to achieve with traditional alternatives.

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Instant surgical planning with 3D printed bone models

Dr. Boyd Goldie, an orthopedic surgeon in London, uses 3D printing to make invaluable visualization aids for surgeries, saving time and money in the process. The technology offers numerous benefits, including better surgical preparation, significant reduction of surgical costs and more opportunities for better patient education.

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First dedicated 3D printing program for future doctors

The Jefferson Health Design Lab is the first of its kind. It is highly praised for the role it plays in encouraging innovation and design thinking among medical school students and for the medical devices these students are inventing.

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3D printed car components for time and cost savings

3D printing has enabled Tucci Hot Rods to produce customized car components that are used to modify and build custom vehicles for their clients - all to exceptionally high design standards and in much less time than was previously possible.

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More Case Studies are being added regularly and can be downloaded here